no but seriously the night was great despite my toothache (dentist first thing tomorrow morning for an emergency) but they were so different from last time??? they matured so much in their music :’)

and then afterwards that happened and idk I’m just very happy with life right now tbqh

so a thing happened and i’m very happy to be reunited with these two ❤️

"The Boys" So happy that @jamesmaslow@therealcarlospena and Instagram-less Logan made it to the show@HOBSunset last night :) #BigTimeRush #HeffronDrive #HappyMistakes@dbeltwrites

i honestly don’t think there’s been a single moment in my life that i’ve worked this hard. jesus.

Anonymous: Hi!! Id like to know which site or app or program did you use to make your icon? I've seen a lot of them lately and I think they're really cute

ahh it’s FaceQ

it’s an app for your phone!!